Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Waste Audits & Waste Reduction Work Plans

Ontario Regulation 102/94 Guidelines:
Waste Audits

  • Calculate the amount, nature and composition of the waste.
  • Observe the manner by which the waste gets produced, including management decisions and policies that relate to the production of waste.
  • Assess the way in which the waste is managed.

Waste Reduction Work Plans

  • Assess which waste materials can be reduced, reused and recycled, who will implement the plan, when each part will be implemented and what the expected results are.
  • Reduction is the first objective.
  • If reduction is not possible, then reuse is the next objective.
  • If reduction and reuse are not possible, then recycling is the final objective.

List of facilities that must comply with Ontario Regulation 102/94:

  • Retail Shopping Establishments (>10,000m²)
  • Retail Shopping Complexes (>10,000m²)
  • Large Construction Projects (>2,000m²)
  • Large Demolition Projects (>2,000m²)
  • Office Buildings (>10,000m²)
  • Restaurants (>$3,000,000/year sales for all restaurants in Ontario under the same owner)
  • Hotels and Motels (>75 Units)
  • Hospitals (A, B, or F classified)
  • Educational Institutions (Enrollment >350 Persons)
  • Large Manufacturing Establishments (>16,000 hours in any month over the last 2 calendar years)

For full details on the Ontario Regulations please visit this website:

O. Reg. 102/94: Waste Audits and Waste Reduction Work Plan