Industrial, Commercial & Institutional Source Separation Programs

Ontario Regulation 103/94 Guidelines:

A source separation program required under this regulation must include:

  • The provision of facilities for the collection, handling and storage of source separated wastes adequate for the quantities of anticipated wastes.
  • Measures to ensure that the source separated waste that are collected are removed.
  • The provision of information to users and potential users of the program.
  • Describing the performance of the program.
  • Encouraging effective source separation of waste and full use of the program.
  • Reasonable efforts to ensure that full use is made of the program and that the separated waste is reused or recycled.
  • A source separation program required under this regulation must provide for all the categories of waste set out in the part of the Schedule applicable to the person required to implement the program except for categories of waste that cannot be reasonably anticipated.

List of facilities that must comply with Ontario Regulation 103/94:

  • Retail Shopping Establishments (>10,000m²)
  • Retail Shopping Complexes (>10,000m²)
  • Large Construction Projects (>2,000m²)
  • Large Demolition Projects (>2,000m²)
  • Office Buildings (>10,000m²)
  • Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (>6 Units)
  • Restaurants (>$3,000,000/year sales for all restaurants in Ontario under the same owner)
  • Hotels and Motels (>75 Units)
  • Hospitals (A, B, or F classified)
  • Educational Institutions (Enrollment >350 Persons)
  • Large Manufacturing Establishments (>16,000 hours in any month over the last 2 calendar years)

For full details on the Ontario Regulation please visit this website:

O. Reg. 103/94: IC&I Source Separation Programs


O. Reg. 101/94: Recycling and Composting of Municipal Waste